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Link to The 2 Lisa's blog - March 2021.

Seven ways to keep children entertained and happy at your wedding.

12th March 2021, by Lisa Truscott

You’ve set your date, booked your venue, chosen your wedding band and photographer, next is the guest list. Within this comes the decision about whether to include children at your wedding. If the answer is yes, you need to think about how to entertain them, as a wedding is a long day for kids of any age. Luckily we have some ideas to get you started ...

Link to The 2 Lisa's blog - January 2021.

How to serve your welcome drinks.

12th January 2021, by Lisa Truscott

Whether we’re talking weddings or events, a welcome drink is a great way to break the ice, let your guests feel well looked after and sets the tone for the rest of the day/evening. So lets jazz it up a little! We’ve come up with some ideas below, let us know which one gets you excited for your big day ...

Link to The 2 Lisa's blog - November 2020.

35 Wedding Themes - imaginative ways to bring personality and style to your wedding day.

20th November 2020, by Lisa Truscott

One of the first big decisions you will face when planning your perfect wedding is deciding on a theme. A wedding theme is a great way to bring your style and personality to your big day and can influence everything – from décor to favours, from menu to flowers. It might simply be a colour choice, but take a look through our extensive list of theme ideas and see what inspires your imagination ...

Link to The 2 Lisa's blog - August 2020.

How to book the ultimate wedding entertainment.

10th August 2020, by Lisa Truscott

It’s your big day, you’ve been thinking about this for most of your life and it’s all very exciting!! But what’s next?!? Suddenly there is so much to organize! Entertainment is such a huge part of your day as it is the bit your guests will remember, but it often gets overlooked until the last minute. Here are some ideas and a checklist to help you through the chaos ...

Link to The 2 Lisa's blog - July 2020.

6 great ways to avoid the ‘lull’ after your wedding ceremony.

4th July 2020, by Lisa Truscott

It's a common thing to worry about a lull on your wedding day after the ceremony and those guests who may not know many people. The best celebrations include something fun and memorable that include a sprinkling of your own personality to help avoid this lull. There are ideas here for every budget ...

Link to The 2 Lisa's blog - May 2020.

5 Memorable wedding entertainment ideas you hadn't thought of.

23rd May 2020, by Lisa Truscott

Are you trying to find some wedding entertainment that’s a little bit different from the rest? Make your wedding the most memorable it can be with these five entertainment ideas you may not have thought of. The sky really is the limit ...

Link to The 2 Lisa's blog - April 2020.

What to do for your wedding entertainment, when you're a wedding entertainer.

18th April 2020, by Lisa Truscott

Autumn last year started gloriously with putting up our beautiful rig at a very special wedding. We went against the norm for this one and put the rig up the day before, the reason we put it up the day before? ...

Link to The 2 Lisa's blog - July 2019.

When you make the world go round, THIS gets left behind!

25th July 2019, by Lisa Truscott

Just over a year ago we launched our blog. We aimed to make ours monthly – updating you all with everything that was happening in the wonderful world of The 2 Lisa’s. ...

Link to The 2 Lisa's blog - July 2018.

And then there were two

1st July 2018, by Lisa Truscott

Hello, and a warm welcome from myself and my friend and colleague, Lisa Whitmore, to our very first blog! A taste of everything that comes our way – circus, performance, weddings, events, the meaning of life …