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The 2 Lisa's, event and wedding entertainment blog: July 2020.

6 great ways to avoid the ‘lull’ after your wedding ceremony.

Article published: 4th July 2020, by Lisa Truscott on behalf of The 2 Lisa's

It’s a common thing to worry about a lull on your wedding day. The awkward bit between the ceremony and the main reception events starting. It often happens while the newly weds are occupied, having photos taken for example. But for many guests, this is the time when they’re left twiddling their thumbs, waiting for the celebrations to begin.

So spare a thought for those guests who may not know many people and avoid this lull with some of these great ideas. The best celebrations include something fun, memorable and include a sprinkling of your own personality. There’s something here for every budget and you can tweak the ideas to suit the theme and feel of your special day.

1. Circus workshop

Perfect for a circus, festival or vintage themed wedding or event! But also a great afternoon activity for any wedding – themed or not - so don’t be put off and think that this isn’t for you – not true. A circus workshop is a great way for everyone to interact and learn a new skill – no matter what their age or shoe size. Here at The 2 Lisa’s HQ we find workshops are a very popular addition to a live performance (see No 4). Look here for more information.

Circus workshops with The 2 Lisa's. Wedding circus workshop. Circus workshop for wedding entertainment. Circus workshop for event entertainment.
2. Caricaturist

Giggles guaranteed with a live caricature artist to draw your guests during the reception. Not only for the models, but for those watching, as the cartoon comes to life in front of their very eyes. No nose too small, no eyes too wide! And your guests get a memento to take home. There are plenty of caricaturists around the country, but one of our favorites in the South West is Parody portraits

Live caricature for wedding entertainment by parody portraits. Caricatures for weddings by parody portraits Caricatures for weddings by parody portraits Caricature table planner for weddings by parody portraits
3. Garden games

If it’s a relaxed outdoor wedding you’re after, a perfect way to avoid that lull is with garden games. This can be giant versions of well-known games, such as Giant Jenga or Connect 4. Or maybe some fairground style activities with hook-a-duck or a coconut shy. And the best thing about this idea is you can DIY it, or hire a company to put it all in place for you. Rent-event have a wide selection of games available.

Welly wanging for wedding entertainment by Rent-event Giant Jenga for wedding entertainment by Rent-event Wedding entertainment by Rent-event Wedding entertainment by Rent-event Coconut shy for Wedding entertainment by Rent-event
4. Surprise entertainment

Just as your guests are starting to feel their attention wandering, surprise them with some entertainment they were never expecting! If you’re considering a circus workshop, what better way to compliment this than with a circus performance? Amaze and impress your guests with a mesmerizing display of aerial acrobatics. Or if your venue or budget doesn’t stretch to this there’s still the option of something on the ground - acrobatics or hula hoop for example. The options are endless, feel free to contact The 2 Lisa's for help with ideas.

Solo hoop performance photo - The 2 Lisa's. Solo silks performance at the Eden project - The 2 Lisa's. Doubles hoop performed by The 2 Lisa's at the Princess pavilion. Hula hooping at Carbis Bay by Lisa Truscott. Acrobatics at Carbis Bay by Lisa Whitmore.
5. ‘Make you own’ cocktail bar

What better way to cure boredom than cocktails! Another option you can do yourself, with various outcomes! Create bespoke cocktails, based on your wedding. Provide menus, glasses and the ingredients, then leave them to it. If you’re not sure about doing it all yourself, ask your best man…. Or maybe hire in an external company to take care of everything (not that we wouldn’t trust the best man to do it of course!!). For example kampai cocktail will provide the bar, the drinks, and even the mixologist.

Cocktails for Weddings by kampaicocktails Cocktails for Weddings by kampaicocktails Bartender hire from kampaicocktails mixologist hire from kampaicocktails mixologist hire from kampaicocktails
6. Organise a treasure/scavenger hunt

There are so many ways to work a treasure hunt into your wedding plan. It could be about finding different objects in and around the venue, or following a set of clues to win some treasure. Another option is a photo scavenger hunt – give your guests a list of photos to create and capture. The list goes on. Another universal crowd pleaser you can truly make your own. And…you’ll have loads more photos to look through after your big day.

So ...

What are you waiting for? Which one of these do you think you’ll go for? Or maybe you’ll opt for a couple. Why not, it’s your day! Make it everything you want it to be. If it's circus workshops or a surprise entertainment you can contact The 2 Lisa's for more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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