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The 2 Lisa's, event and wedding entertainment blog: July 2019.

When you make the world go round, THIS gets left behind!

Article published: 25th July 2019, by Lisa Truscott

Just over a year ago we launched our blog, after meeting with our cheerleader, the lovely Donna, who writes her own brilliant blog, ‘Pasties and Petticoats’.

We aimed to make ours monthly – updating you all with everything that was happening in the wonderful world of The 2 Lisa’s. Well … that didn’t go so well did it!

If you look to our last blog post, you’ll see that it was also our first – that’s right, just over a year ago now!

The 2 Lisa's, training doubles hoop for event and wedding entertainment.OOOPS!

The problem is, when you’re a circus performer, you’re generally a physically creative person, and enjoy spending all your time perfecting your art.

You train every day of the week – hours at a time – sometimes twice a day if you’re working on different things with different people. Then a lot of us generally teach during the week as well.

Sometimes you’re also doing video editing, music editing, costume-making . . . all the things that go into creating your act.

This leaves little time for things like website design, social media and, yes, blog writing. Sometimes it’s hard even to keep on top of your admin, especially all those emails!

Of course, we wouldn’t change this for the world. It’s what makes our world go round.

But from now on we promise to do better!! We’ve just had a great business advisory session with the fantastic Hazel Parson. We’re feeling very positive about updating everything – including our blog. Definitely. We promise you Hazel – we will do better!